Course Outline:

Course Contents (Beginner):

Word Basics

  • Word Overview - the User Interface, Quick Access and Mini Toolbar
  • Standard & Contextual Ribbons
  • The File Tab
  • Status Bar Tools
  • Dialog Boxes
  • Task Panes
  • Using Help

Basic MS Word Usage and Text tools

  • Creating new blank documents
  • Accessing and opening templates to create documents
  • Saving, closing and opening Documents
  • Understanding non-printing characters
  • Selection techniques (keyboard + mouse)
  • Navigating documents
  • Using Word Views, e.g. Print layout and Draft and reading
  • Entering text and understanding basic text features. (word-wrap)
  • Using Find/Replace
  • Spell Check, Thesaurus

Format Your Document

  • Applying Font formats - Changing font type, size, colour, special effects, character spacing
  • Changing the default font for all new documents
  • Using Paragraph formats - justification, indentation, space before and after Paragraph
  • Line spacing, Widow and orphan control
  • Inserting non breaking hyphens and spaces
  • Applying borders and shading
  • Format Painter
  • Using Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Revealing formatting and Clearing formatting

Bullets & Numbering

  • Turning on Bullets
  • Creating & editing bulleted list styles
  • Changing bullet types and formatting
  • Turning on Numbered Lists
  • Creating your own numbered list style
  • Changing numbering types

Working With Tabs

  • Understanding Tabs
  • Changing the default Tab Stop
  • Setting and manipulating Tab markers on the ruler
  • Setting and manipulating Tab markers in the Tab Dialog box
  • Using leader tabs
  • Using bar tabs
  • Setting the measurement units for the Ruler (Imperial and Metric)
  • Using Tabs in a Document

Setting up your Document

  • Inserting and Deleting page breaks
  • Changing page orientation to Landscape or Portrait
  • Viewing Headers and Footers
  • Creating Basic Page numbering
  • Setting Margin Sizes
  • Using Page Borders
  • Inserting a Watermark


  • Printing a Document
  • Setting Print options
  • Previewing a document
  • Selecting a printer

Course Contents (Intermediate):

Create & Apply Styles

  • The Inbuilt style group (home ribbon)
  • Style sets
  • The Style Pane
  • Define Styles
  • Link styles
  • Delete styles
  • Inbuilt Heading Styles and the Navigation Pane
  • Create and modify styles
  • Replacing a style
  • Numbering Using Styles
  • List Styles
  • Table Styles
  • Style options
  • Style Inspector
  • Using the Organizer to transfer styles
  • Shortcut key to a style

Using Outline View

  • Styles in Outline
  • Connecting outline levels to styles
  • Showing and hiding outline levels
  • Promoting and demoting levels
  • Printing your outline

Master Documents

  • Use outlining to create master and subdocuments
  • Insert documents into master document
  • Updating linked documents

Advanced Page Layout Tools

  • Introducing sections and section Breaks
  • Setting the Page layout for a section
  • Change orientation within a section
  • Different Headers and Footers for different sections
  • Odd / Even Header and Footers
  • Different first page
  • Newspaper columns using continuous section breaks
  • Manually editing a header and footer
  • Section control with headers and footers

Tables In MS Word

  • Methods for inserting tables
  • Changing the column widths and row heights
  • Inserting new columns and rows
  • Deleting existing columns and rows
  • Distributing columns and rows evenly
  • Splitting and Merging cells
  • Applying a Pre-set table format (Theme Style)
  • Customising and creating table styles
  • Repeating header rows
  • Splitting a tables
  • Converting a text into a table
  • Converting a table into text
  • Sorting a table
  • Using formulae in a Table
  • The Table Design Ribbon
  • Nesting Tables
  • Drawing tables, resizing and deleting
  • Using tabs within a table
  • Setting table Properties

Word Auto Features

  • Understanding Word 2010 Automatic Features
  • AutoText & Autocorrect
  • Autoformat as you type
  • Smart Tags
  • Customising automatic features
  • Creating autotext entries
  • Using QuickParts

Course Contents (Advanced):

Inserting Graphics, Charts and Objects

  • Inserting Clipart & Pictures
  • Inserting shapes & SmartArt
  • Controlling graphic placement and text wrapping
  • Using the drawing canvas and drawing tools
  • Inserting a Screenshot
  • Inserting and Linking Excel Charts
  • Using Wordart Objects
  • Inserting Files

Creating Forms

  • Creating a form
  • Use section breaks in forms
  • Inserting Text, Checkbox and Dropdown form fields
  • Set Form field options
  • Inserting fields into your form
  • Lock a form (Protection)
  • Password protect forms
  • Save as a template
  • Use a form

Using Referencing Tools

  • Insert a Tables of Contents, Table of Figures and Index
  • Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Cross Referencing
  • Create and use Bookmarks
  • Insert hyperlinks
  • Edit hyperlinks
  • Use mailto: hyperlinks

Mail Merging

  • Use the Mail Merge Wizard Pane
  • Use the Mail merge contextual ribbon
  • Create a data source
  • Use an existing data source
  • Filter and Sort a Data Source in Word
  • Create letters
  • Create labels
  • Predefined merge field blocks
  • Insert merge fields
  • Simulate a merge
  • Preview merge data
  • Merge to printer
  • Merge to email
  • Insert and use the: Fill-in, If, Then, Else, fields.

Track and Merge Documents

  • Using Compare and Merge Documents
  • Sending for Review and Tracking changes
  • Accepting and Rejecting changes
  • Features of the review ribbon
  • Using version control in word 2010
  • Add, edit and remove Comments

Introduction to Macros

  • Record and Run a Macro
  • Basic Macro editing
  • Assigning macros to a ribbon or toolbar

Building a Template

  • Inbuilt Word templates
  • Office online templates
  • What is in a template?
  • Create a template
  • Edit and modify a template
  • Include boilerplate text and styles
  • Managing your Templates

Word customisation

  • Customise ribbons and Quick access toolbar
  • Set default word options
  • Set or edit default file paths
  • Set or change languages for Word
  • Manage add-ins
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Course Information:
Duration: 14 Hours Instruction: In-Class / Online  
Platform: Windows & Macintosh Concepts: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced  
Fee: $450 (+HST) Prerequisites: None.