Course Outline:

Course Contents (Beginner):

PowerPoint Overview

  • User interface overview Ribbons, Tri Pane View (Normal)
  • File Tab and usage
  • Navigation Pane
  • The PowerPoint views and how to access them
  • Using Help

PowerPoint Views

  • The Normal (Tripane) View
  • The Slide Sorter View
  • The Notes Pages View
  • The Reading view
  • The Slide Show View
  • The View in Black and White
  • Viewing the Slide Miniature
  • Accessing Print Preview
  • How to access Outline View

Creating a New Presentation

  • Creating A New Presentation and Saving
  • Create a presentation from inbuilt templates
  • Placeholders
  • Adding New Slides - entering & editing Text (slide view)
  • Understanding Slide Layouts and changing / reapplying a layout
  • Understanding the text levels
  • Entering bulleted text
  • Adding Freeform Text (text Boxes)
  • Creating Blank Slides

Formatting Text

  • Text Selection
  • Formatting Text
  • Formatting Backgrounds (Slide and Placeholder)
  • Formatting Numbered and Bulleted Lists
  • Format Painter
  • Entering text in Outline
  • Changing text levels
  • Shortcut keys for navigating in outline

Drawing Tools

  • The Insert Ribbon
  • The design & format ribbons
  • Drawing basic shapes freehand
  • Creating regular shapes
  • Formatting Shapes including 3D, Shadows and Fill Effects
  • Enter and format Smart Art
  • Set Shape Options
  • Connect shapes
  • Move and Copy Drawn Objects
  • Work with Guides and Visible Grid
  • Align & Distribute Objects
  • Flip and Rotate Objects
  • Order and Group Objects (layering)
  • Enter and format text within a shape
  • Inserting WordArt

Graphics and Clipart

  • Insert Clip Art
  • Moving and Resizing
  • Format Ribbon and Clip Art
  • Grouping and Ungrouping Clip Art

Tables and Charts

  • Create and use a table
  • Add text
  • Insert columns and rows
  • Format a Table
  • Create a chart
  • Edit the Chart Type
  • Edit the Chart Options
  • Format a chart
  • Create an organisation Chart (Smart Art)
  • Create an organisation Chart (Shapes)
  • Edit and Format an Organisation Chart

Slide Masters and Templates

  • View the Slide Master
  • Add a company logo to every slide
  • Format the background
  • Colour Schemes
  • Format the Title Area and Object Area
  • Change Headers & Footers
  • Using Multiple Slide Masters
  • Preserving a Slide Master
  • Viewing the Title Master
  • Editing the Title Master
  • View the layout masters
  • Create your own layout
  • Remove layouts from master
  • Apply a Design Template to a slide or master
  • Slide Design Task Pane
  • Creating your own Design Template (using a Master)
  • Apply your own design template
  • Change settings of the Standard Master design

Transitions and Animation

  • Transition Effects
  • Animation Schemes
  • Preview Animations
  • Custom Animation
  • Using Animation to Build Bullet Points
  • Animate a Chart
  • Animate smart art
  • Animate a shape
  • Animation Paths
  • Animating multiple objects simultaneously
  • Animation Timeline
  • Reorder animations
  • Animation settings

Slide Shows

  • Rehearsing the timing of a Presentation
  • Right Click options to use during slide shows
  • Slide Navigation
  • Hiding / Unhiding Slides
  • Run / Exit slideshows

Saving presentations

  • Saving as a presentation
  • Saving as a slideshow
  • Saving as a video
  • Publish to web / SharePoint
  • Save to other formats

Printing Presentations

  • Print Preview
  • Printing Slides
  • Printing Hand-outs
  • Printing Notes Pages
  • Printing Outline View

Course Contents (Intermediate):

Basics review

  • Creating a Presentation
  • Formatting a Presentation
  • Working with Outline View
  • Working with Slide Sorter View

Drawings Skills

  • The Insert Ribbon
  • Draw basic shapes freehand
  • Create regular shapes
  • Format Shapes including 3D, Shadows and Fill Effects
  • Create Auto Shapes
  • Copy and Move objects
  • Work with Guides and grid
  • Align & Distribute Objects
  • Flip and Rotate
  • Order & group Objects
  • Using the Freeform drawing tool and Edit Points
  • Insert and format text within a shape
  • Insert and format WordArt
  • Using connectors to create flow diagrams

Multi-media, Linked and Embedded Objects

  • Insert a movie file
  • Insert sound files
  • Link Data from Word and Excel
  • Insert word and excel files
  • Embed part of an object
  • Embed Data form Word and Excel
  • Embed fonts
  • Compress pictures to reduce file size
  • Video and sound file options

Slide Show Preparation

  • Rehearse the timing of a Presentation
  • Slide Navigator
  • Add Hyperlinks on a slide to access other files
  • Add hyperlinks to websites
  • Add Controls with actions to navigate a slide show
  • Customising Action Buttons
  • Recording narration
  • Compare slideshows
  • Comments and reviewing

Custom Shows

  • Create custom shows
  • Set options for the custom shows
  • Choose which custom show to run.
  • Create an Agenda slide

Speaker Notes and Handouts

  • Enter notes in Notes Page View
  • Edit notes page
  • Edit notes master
  • Printing Notes
  • Send Slides to Word to Create Handouts
  • Edit hand-outs master
  • Add speaker notes during slideshow

Presenting With PowerPoint

  • Setting up slideshow options (Automatic / Manual)
  • Looping
  • Online collaboration
  • Using narrations
  • Using and saving ink annotations
  • Broadcasting slideshow
  • Email presentation
  • Make a PDF
  • Package for CD
  • PowerPoint Viewer
  • Publishing to the Web
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Course Information:
Duration: 14 Hours Instruction: Online  
Platform: Windows & Macintosh Concepts: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced  
Fee: $450 (+HST) Prerequisites: None.